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Lavoo Glass Hookahs - The Difference is Clear!

Lavoo Hookahs XO Colelction

Have you seen that all glass looking hookah and been like what’s the point in that? Well let us tell you that smoking a Lavoo hookah is quite possibly the ultimate smoking experience one can possibly experience. Lavoo Hookahs are fairly pricey due to their craftsmanship and being handmade, but from the first to the last hit of your smoking session, it is entirely pleasurable. These hookahs have been designed so that when smoking them you are receiving maximum flavor while it being so smooth that the drag is similar to a breath of fresh air. Being made from all glass, the glass heads allow the tobacco to burn slower and cleaner so that when smoking you are gaining the most time from each head while getting so much flavor with each puff.

When seeing these hookahs online and how much they cost, yes they can be pricey, but to be honest they pay for themselves. We will warn you that when smoking a Lavoo hookah you will never be able to smoke another hookah again and enjoy it as much as your Lavoo.

Lavoo Hookahs come in a variety of designs, and all are equally as good as the other. If you choose to buy one, please share with us a simple review of your thoughts on smoking these unique glass hookahs!

“Oh wow, this is the smoothest hookah I have ever smoked!” - Mark H. (Said this after his first hit from a Lavoo Hookah)

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